Our craft is creating spaces that convey our values — homes that are defined by family, wellness, and balance.


We believe there is no connection more unique than the one shared between people who are under the same roof. No matter the composition and type, we build for diverse families to find joy in owning a home that is as special as their relationship with one another. Our homes meet families where they are at as they grow through changing seasons and celebrate every milestone.


The pursuit of wellness is a journey in which the home is a constant starting point and resting place. A sanctuary for the body and soul, we are guided by the idea that when a home can nourish our health and wellbeing, it becomes a grounding pillar that supports other aspects of life to branch off and flourish. Our homes are designed to inspire wellness and serve as strong roots for a life well lived.


Just as a forest invites the slowing of footsteps, Tera's homes invite the body and mind to a deeper enjoyment of life. Our homes kindle the desire for a greater work-life balance, aspiring to be more than just shelter, and rather, wellsprings of harmony. A Tera home is a physical capsule with the comforting reminder that the wonder of the present is revealed through a holistically balanced lifestyle.

Our Story

Our homes are built for families by families. We founded Tera Developments to serve those who appreciate that quality homes go beyond the physicalities; its essence is found in its functionality. Our name, Tera, evokes Earth’s warmth and grounded nature, signifying how we do this work with a familial approach. From materials to service — and everything in between — we make decisions that respect the valued relationships we share with our clients, our community, and our environment.

Our Homes

Whether you are a passerby or potential dweller, we warmly invite you to learn more about our current projects and latest pursuits of inspired living.

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Our Alliance Network

As active members of key industry organizations, we are connected and informed, building new relationships, fostering existing partnerships, and staying on the pulse of the evolving challenges and opportunities across the real estate sector.